Do you ever wish you could just let something go? Maybe it’s something you’ve done in the past or maybe it’s something someone else did or said. These things can take up so much headspace and can get out of control if you don’t start dealing with it.

Just like yoga, letting sh*t go is a practice. It may seem difficult at first but it gets easier every time you consciously decide to do it.

Something that always helps me dig deeper is journaling. Yoga is awesome because, I feel, it helps to bring issues to the surface that need to be healed but I also think that’s just part of the solution.

In order to truly grow, I like to have my students write about WHY they are feeling how they’re feeling. What old stories are making this such a big deal to you? Do those old stories still make sense today and are they serving you?

Grab your journal and set up your yoga space. After incorporating these few yoga poses into your practice, get comfy and free write. Just let your mind go where it needs to go with the intention to dig into those issues, bring them up, heal them and let them go.

Bring some or all of these yoga practices into your sequence. They are good to encourage the release of stuck emotions, old patterns and old beliefs. Create an intention to “let go” at the beginning then start to flow and move. Even just moving in a slow, dancy-way with that intention is just fine if you don’t know how to do these poses.

  • Bridge pose
  • Wide leg forward fold
  • Revolved triangle
  • Yoga mudra
  • Deep breathing with an emphasis on a long exhale

If this brings you some peace, please feel free to share it out to help others struggling with letting sh*t go.

If this is something you need work on as well as committing to your yoga practice, watch for our upcoming “Commit” program that will help you develop a consistent daily practice. Details coming soon!

Much love dear yogi,