Moving into 2019, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking about how I want this year to go.

Especially as I age, I want to make every year, every day, count. It’s so easy to get swept up into our never-ending to-do lists but those really just distract us from getting to where we want to be and from enjoying the present moment.

So before you can really manifest your desires, start thinking about how you can create more space in your life for them to manifest. How can things enter your life if there is absolutely no space for them? Start clearing out the clutter in your life.

If you’re always super busy, think about why that is. Are you trying to prove to yourself or others that what you are doing in life is important? There is NO shame in taking time to do things that nourish your soul and making time for self-care. That’s where the magic happens.

If your mind is constantly wrapped up in thoughts that make you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, then you need to do some reassessing. Take some time at the beginning of this new year to really think about what is important to you in your life.


Grab your journal and ponder these questions:

  1. What are your main priorities in life?
  2. When you are 90, what are you going to wish you had done more of in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s?
  3. What are some things you can let go of to create more space in your life?
  4. What is something you do a LOT of that you mindlessly fill your time with that doesn’t really add up to a better quality of life? This could be excessive cleaning, games on your phone, watching TV, scrolling on social media, etc.
  5. What are some things you could be saying “no” to instead of always saying “yes” to that causes stress?

Remember, when people ask how we are, we don’t get a badge of honor by saying how busy we are. Is that really how you want to remember your life? That you were always busy? I don’t think so.

So how do you start manifesting your dream life?

  1. Dig deep and be honest in those journaling questions. Light a candle, take a bath, grab some essential oils and get into the down and dirty gunk of your life.
  2. PRIORITIZE – journal about what’s really important to you. Take your time, get cozy and GO there.
  3. Meditate – when you can free your mind from the obsessive thoughts that tend to take over, you open yourself up to deeper connection to your Higher Self. Once you do this, you will more easily realize what’s important and why you’re here.
  4. Visualization – close your eyes and in your mind’s eye, see the life of your dreams. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top though it certainly CAN be. Remember what you’ve done in the other steps and what you’ve found to be most important. What kinds of things can help you achieve those things? More family vacations? More massages? More yoga classes? More morning meditations? More healthy foods? See each one and really FEEL what it would FEEL like to have them, as if you ALREADY do. If you have a hard time visualizing, create a vision board (you can even use the Hay House vision board app).
  5. Gratitude practices – when you think of all the things you are grateful for, the Universe will respond by bringing you more of the same. It is law. Like attracts like. You can write a list every morning to really set your day up for amazing things but remember, it’s not just writing them down, it’s all about FEELING that gratitude for each one.

Manifesting Meditation 


I’d LOVE to hear how you incorporated these ideas into your spiritual practice! Feel free to share on Facebook or elsewhere and tag me, Crystal Gray, so I can comment on your post!

If you’re wanting to add more practices like this into your life and really make 2019 a kick-ass one, grab a copy of my book, Goddesses Fart Too here!

Much love,

Crystal Gray