The full moon is a time when one can really deepen their connection to the cyclical nature of this planet we live on as well as our own – as women especially. For me, it’s a time of the month to get re-focused and let go of what is no longer serving me. You might hear that a lot but it’s definitely something worth exploring.

This month’s full moon energy might bring up a lot of personal crises within you. I know, for myself, a lot of things have been bubbling up to the surface. I’ve been getting triggered by people and situations – whereas the old me may have been upset with those people or situations, I now realize it’s something within me that needs an adjustment.

I’ve found that when I’m not resonating where I want to be, or am out of alignment, that I attract people and experiences that are unpleasant. I try to find gratitude for this because it is a sign from my Spirit that I need to get back into alignment. You can tell you are out of alignment if you feel like crap – are emotional, depressed, un-inspired or un-excited about life, etc.


Some ways you can get back into alignment are by:

  • singing your favorite songs
  • dancing like a crazy person to your go-to jams
  • eating nourishing foods
  • doing yoga, of course
  • meditating


But sometimes, you just need to LET SOME STUFF GO! Full moons are a perfect time to do that. For the upcoming full moon on Sunday, October 13, 2019, I am helping you harness its energy to overcome personal crises and to turn tragedy, trauma or triggers into triumphs! You can use these recommendations during any full moon. The most powerful times are the couple of days before and after the full moon.


Let’s focus on transformation for a bit. This is a topic I adore speaking of because I have transformed so much in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ever get it all “figured out”, rather, I constantly get new situations and people to help trigger me into pushing past even more deeply rooted issues. It’s definitely not always fun, but is ALWAYS worth it.

If you’re like me, you want to keep moving forward and grow as much as you can in this life time. I hear that sister! Let’s learn what crystals, yoga postures and affirmations you can utilize to help you transform what you’ve been so ready to let go of for so long!


Some yoga poses that stimulate your center of transformation.


  1.  Simple seated twist

  2. Sunbird

  3. Sunbird crunch

  4. Modified revolved side angle

  5. Triangle

  6. Revolved triangle

  7. Seated head-to-knee pose

  8. Easy seated pose, meditation and affirmation


A lovely affirmation to use along with this practice and connecting to your breath would be:

I transform my (traumas, tragedies or triggers) into triumphs.


A couple different crystals I like to use to transform are:

  • red garnet

  • malachite


Ready to practice some yoga and bring in the power of the full moon to transform? Let’s do it! Click the image below to get started or to save for later!

If you’d love to work with me in person, I’d love that too! I have yoga retreats and teacher trainings in Costa Rica but also an online yoga teacher training. Get those details here!

Much love yogi!

Crystal Gray