I have helped many students find relief from “grumpy” hamstrings and low back issues by focusing on forward folds with gently bent knees.

Most of the time, the tightness isn’t in the hamstring itself but in the fascia that surrounds all the muscles. Think of it like saran wrap on the outside of the muscles but on the inside of the skin. Pretty image, right?

So how do we get into this area without causing pain?

Keep the knees bent as far as you need to so that you can gently tilt the pelvis forward instead of by rounding the back which puts tons of pressure on the spine, especially in the low back.

The other way you can SAFELY get into this area is to make sure you keep your knees pointing in the same direction as your toes. Always. You want to focus on it in standing mountain pose as well as poses like triangle, chair and the warrior poses, among others.

In this Yoga for Hamstrings flow, I will guide you through poses such as (feel free to print out the sequence here. It will be sent to you via FB Messenger):

  • 2-3 half sun salutations
  • 2-3 full sun salutation A’s
  • warrior 2
  • triangle
  • wide leg forward fold
  • seated forward folds

Remember to never EVER push past your limits. Only do what feels GOOD in your body. Yoga doesn’t have the motto, “no pain, no gain”. All you want to feel is sensation.

Practice the flow with me below before doing it on your own so you can make sure you’re doing the poses with safe, correct alignment. Click here and I’ll send the sequence to you via Facebook messenger.

Have a blessed day yogis!


Crystal Gray