I bet you’ve been there before – feeling super overwhelmed for, what seems like, no reason. Or maybe you get hit with emotions and have no idea where they came from. Maybe crowds of people make you super uneasy but you’re not sure why.

All of these are symptoms of being an empath. An empath is someone who FEELS. A lot. They are highly emotional when not balanced and also are highly sensitive to other people’s energy around them. If someone comes in and that person is in a bad mood, then chances are, if you’re unbalanced, you’ll be in a bad mood too.

Learn more about empaths in this short video.


When you’re out of balance, your personal energy “bubble”, so-to-speak, is weak. When you strengthen this bubble, or aura, you shield yourself from negative energy while keeping your energy to yourself.

How to do this? Stick with me in this post and I’ll give you my favorite tips as well as a yoga video and sequence to help you find inner balance and harmony so you can manage the symptoms and strengthen your aura. Being an empath isn’t a BAD thing. But it can wreak havoc on your life if you don’t do anything about it.


Some of the tools I’ll dive into today:

  • Essential oils
  • Crystals
  • Chakras
  • Mantras
  • Mudras
  • Yoga poses


Let’s start with essential oils. I LOVE using essential oils for all types of things around the home as well as for my spiritual practices. One of my favorites for letting go of old emotions is “Sara” by Young Living. Now, I don’t sell essential oils, I’m just sharing with you what I’ve found on my path. You can get the benefits of essential oils by diffusing them, mixing with a carrier oil and massaging into the skin or putting a couple drops in your bath.


Other great oils to use would be:

  • Cedarwood – grounding while connecting you to the stabilizing energies of Mother Earth
  • Frankincense – grounding and protecting
  • Sandalwood – grounding, calming, connects body, mind, and spirit, helps quiet the mind


Crystals carry a lot of energy, or vibration. This energy can be transferred to you by working with crystals. Some ways you can work with crystals is to simply hold them during meditation, place on your altar, putting them in your bath (except selenite and other water soluble crystals), placing underneath your pillow or put near your mat during your yoga practice.


My favorite crystals for grounding and protecting your aura from negative energy are:


Some yoga poses to help you feel grounded and strengthen your aura:

  • Standing forward fold
  • Tree
  • Standing hand-to-foot
  • Warriors 1 and 2
  • Child’s pose
  • Bound angle


Download the full 45 minute sequence here.


Watch 45 minute yoga flow with me here. 


At the end of my yoga flow, I like to add this chant to really call in this grounding and protecting energy one final time. While reciting this chant, use the “Mushti Mudra”. Do this by opening your hands, folding your thumbs in toward the palms, then wrapping your other fingers over your thumb into a loose fist. Alternatively, this can be done with the thumb on the outside of the fist.

Aad Guray Nameh

Aad guray nameh
Jugaad guray nameh
Sat guray nameh
Siri guru devay nameh


If you’re wondering about which chakra this would correlate with, I’d say the root chakra. It can definitely be related to other areas but if you focus on strengthening your root chakra, you will, by default, be more grounded thereby strengthening your personal energy field.

All the ideas I give above will help bring balance to the Muladhara chakra but some other ideas to help would be to:

  • Go for a walk outside
  • Stand barefoot on the grass
  • Eat root vegetables
  • Eat protein-rich foods like beans, lentils, nuts and seeds
  • Wear, look at, or visualize the color red
  • Take a bath or shower and visualize negative energy going down the drain


This may seem like a LOT of info but just choose the ones that will work in YOUR life and whichever ones call to you most. The key is to actually DO them and do them often. This is the only way to see results.

Good luck yogi, you’ve GOT this!

Crystal Gray