We’ve all heard of “Intuition” before but how many of us actually choose to make it a priority to awaken it?

Are you feeling stuck? Maybe when you were younger you had big dreams about your life and now they’ve all seemed to have gotten swept under the rug? Putting everyone else’s needs in front of your own because that’s what a woman is supposed to do, right? If we don’t do that, we feel massive guilt and shame for not living up to what others around us or to our mothers or grandmothers.

We’ve fallen into the routine of constantly taking care of everyone else’s needs and now that you want to change it, you don’t see how to make that happen when everyone is so used to you being superwoman.

There’s hope. One of the first things you can do is to begin listening to your Intuition, your inner She Power. That place within you that really does have the answers and will steer you towards a happier, more fulfilled life, if only you’ll listen and let her.

We’ve been trained not to do this because of a few reasons.

  1. We, or others around us, think it’s irrational
  2. Whatever it’s telling us seems impossible
  3. It makes us seem too emotional
  4. Might make you think you’re being selfish
  5. You think it’s crazy or that you’ll go crazy by listening to it
  6. Maybe you’ve even been told it’s evil


When was the first time you started hearing your Intuition, that voice inside you that was trying to give you guidance?

I’ve spoken with many, many women on this subject and a lot of them said it was around the time of their first period. They started getting interested in things that seemed like they came out of the blue and that no one else certainly was interested in. At least it seemed that way.

I’ve found that many of us are given a gift around the time we start moving into womanhood. Moving from the maiden phase into the mother phase – the phase in which we can really start creating the world around us. We unlock the power to our sacral chakra and the mysteries that lie within.

The unfortunate thing that I’ve learned is that many of us start out with an enormous interest in these gifts but once we start telling those around us, they make us feel crazy, or that those things are evil or something we shouldn’t waste our time on.

So we push that part of us down until we can’t hear her anymore. We don’t give her a voice. We lose who we truly are and lose much of our sense of purpose.

What would this world look like if instead of silencing that voice that started to rise, we nurtured it? We helped develop it and become powerful?


  • We wouldn’t feel the need to compete with other women because we’d know all our gifts are unique and they aren’t dependent on beauty, race, or social class
  • We’d truly know our power and our worth and that we are valuable
  • We have a place in this world
  • We wouldn’t turn to drugs or alcohol in our youth because we feel lost or without purpose
  • We wouldn’t turn to doing things we don’t really want to do with our bodies because we are looking for outside approval from others
  • We would get along with our mothers throughout our teenage years because we would know we are just as powerful and important as they are, but in our own unique way
  • We wouldn’t spend half, or heaven forbid, ALL our lives searching for meaning through avenues that just will never fulfill us such as material objects or accomplishments


I am imploring all of you women that are rising up now, that are hearing this call, my Magdalene sisters – to stop this cycle now.

When the young women around you are searching for who they are and are hearing the calls of something deep within, no matter what that looks like of if it makes sense to you, to help them to explore it. To give her a voice. To help the younger generation never have to go through the process of squashing their voice to then have to do all the work we are doing now of finally uncovering ours.

All of this starts within you. In order to move this planet into the next phase of a balanced patriarchy/matriarchy, we MUST do the work ourselves. That might look like doing the deep work within yourself and it might look like doing the work then sharing everything you’re uncovering with those around you that just need your light to feel safe to grow.

  • Don’t discount yourself.
  • Don’t compare yourself to those you think are better or more successful than you.
  • Find your gift, whatever helps you connect to SHE. Practice it. Develop it. Don’t be scared of it.

And then sister, and only then, will SHE rise in you.

So how are you to reawaken this internal guidance system, this SHE power that you have been silencing for so long? Following are a few of my favorite ways but there are many more in the Yoga Goddess Academy monthly membership, daily tasks, tips, tricks and practices to reawaken the Goddess within.

  • Meditate. Start quieting your mind so that you can create space for SHE to communicate with you. It might not be with words, it might be with images or feelings. Don’t have any expectations, just be open and at peace with what comes or seemingly doesn’t come in the moment.
  • Develop a morning routine. This longer practice will help get you into alignment with SHE so that you will be more connected throughout the day and better able to hear her calls. Check out our blog post on that subject here.
  • Lean into what feels good and lean AWAY from what feels bad. This sounds so simple but so many times we continue to do things or surround ourselves with things that just don’t feel good. This could be because it’s just habit, it’s what we’ve always known, or it could be because of  guilt, or societal or family pressures. Whatever the  reason, this is the thing that will have THE biggest impact on your life and on opening that pathway of communication to SHE so make a commitment to this one.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded soul sisters that are striving for the same things. They don’t have to think just like you nor have the same beliefs but they DO have to be able to listen and support you in your growth, however that looks.

If you want a tribe of soul sisters that are doing this work, I highly recommend the Yoga Goddess Academy monthly membership. I’ve seen women blossom. I’ve seen life-long friendships be made. I’ve seen women break down only to build something even more powerful from the ashes. I’m SEEING the world around me shift and these women are making it happen. Be the change momma.

With love and so much gratitude for that voice within you that is getting louder within you every day. I hear her, I love her and I respect her for who she is and the impact she is here on this planet and this time to create.


Crystal Gray

*Crystal Gray is the creator and founder of the free Facebook community, the Yoga Goddess Collective, with over 2000 beautiful soul-seeking women. She is an entrepreneur, owning a 20 acre organic vegetable farm with her husband and has owned a thriving yoga studio. She leads online and in-person 200 hour yoga teacher trainings as well as soul-enriching retreats around the world with the Yoga Goddess Academy.