“Am I ready to take a yoga teacher training?”

This is something I hear from women so often! A lot of the women in my online community really psych themselves out thinking they’re not ready to do a yoga teacher training.

They come up with all sorts of excuses that are really just covering up their fears. I want to put your mind at ease if you feel scared but feel the pull to take a training!

First of all, if you have the desire and the calling to take a training, then, for heaven’s sakes, take a training.

Some people may say you need to have been practicing yoga for “x” amount of time but honestly, the things you’ll learn in a yoga teacher training usually far exceed anything you’d learn in your average yoga class.

Another reason why I don’t mind if beginners take my yoga teacher training is because they don’t have to unlearn years of bad alignment. Many teachers don’t teach much alignment in their classes and students go for years without being shown the correct form. This makes for hard habits to break!

You don’t need to be able to do “advanced” poses either.

Honestly, a lot of students are scared to go to a teacher’s class that is all over social media doing crazy handstands and intense binds.


Because they surely don’t want a teacher to make them do that! Over the years, as a teacher and yoga studio owner and now yoga teacher trainer, I can safely say that at least 90% of students do NOT come to class because they want to learn how to do advanced poses.

The majority of them come to class because they want to reduce stress or anxiety, feel better, age more gracefully, or gain more health and vitality.

In general, students want to feel better than when they walked in.

That is something you can easily help them do.

That is a cornerstone of how I train my teachers. I tell them, “it doesn’t have to be the most mind blowing, amazing class there ever was. All you have to do is help them feel better than when they walked in.”

Even if you just had them sit there and breathe for an hour, you’d accomplish that!

If you feel like you need to know a lot about philosophy or the history of yoga first, I’m here to tell you: no, you don’t.

Those are the kinds of things you’ll learn in a yoga teacher training. If it’s a good enough training, you’re going to learn ALL you need in order to be a great teacher right out of the gate.

Students want a teacher they resonate with. They want to somehow see a piece of themselves within you. You might have a little extra weight, so might they. You might have some sort of disability, so might they. You might be older than what you think most yogis are, so might they.

Whatever makes you think you’re not a typical yogi is exactly what will draw certain students to you.

So stop coming up with excuses. If this is something you’re feeling the call to do, then by all means, get out there and do it. For most of my trainees, a yoga teacher training is just the beginning of a huge shift in their life that leads to more confidence, purpose, fulfillment and happiness.

Those are definitely not things you should keep putting off, are they?

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Much love yogi,